I have been a patient at Regenerative Spine & Musculoskeletal Medicine for the past 8 months. Medical appointments are usually not something any of us look forward to, but Dr. Melfi’s practice is different. After the first few visits, 5 of the staff knew me by name and always had a warm smile and warm greeting.  Barb in particular works hard to accommodate my schedule with that of a busy practice.  Dr. Melfi and her staff are sensitive to their patient’s time and almost always run on schedule.  I feel that my concerns are addressed more than adequately in a caring manner.  In a medical world where many practices seem so impersonal, it is so nice to have a specialist that make me feel like a person and not just a “condition” with a birth date and an insurance number.


I would like to thank Barb for all her continuous efforts to make sure I get all the medical help I need. Workmen’s Comp is by no means easy to navigate. Barb has been huge in getting things done in a timely fashion.  I appreciate all her efforts.  She’s the best !


I can’t say enough about the procedure that was done.  No Pain – YEAH!


Dr. Melfi and her skilled team have provided individualized and quality medical interventions that have enabled me to regain a more healthy lifestyle.  Thank you. 



I, K.C., am very pleased from all my outcomes that Dr. Melfi and Rachel have done to help me in the last 6 years.  Your staff has also made me very comfortable.  All of you at RSM have the best bedside manner and are all warm hearted towards all your patients.  You are all one in a million.  The care and patience from you all means a whole lot coming from a patient that has been with you as long as I have.  You have in more ways than one managed to help me so that I don’t need more back surgery. I would recommend any patient coming to RSM because of the way you care so much for your patients.

I also want to add the fact that everything you tried on me was a nervous feeling at first, but every treatment performed on me was a success.  I have from day one as your patient have always been amazed at what you can do for others.  I have nothing but the best of care from you and your staff.  And your bedside manner is the best I have ever seen. That alone says you have a “Heart of Gold” when it comes to your patients and your patience and time go a long way knowing how busy you are.  Your staff has all satisfied me.  You all deserve a big round of applause.


Your ever thoughtful patient.  K.C.

This office is efficient and the staff is kind and caring.  Best of luck in keeping up with all the new advances in pain management


In the past year and a half, Doctor Melfi and her entire staff have provided excellent care in my pain management.  Before and after my three spine surgeries, they showed nothing but compassion, caring and understanding.  They were willing to take the time to listen and “hear” what I was experiencing on my worst days.


I highly recommend this office.


The office is always welcoming when I come in for my appointment. Barb has worked wonders in getting approval from the insurance especially when I had an emergency. My back pain was severe and Dr. Melfi saw me immediately and they got me into and MRI and the injection in days. My life and activity has changed since then for the last several years. They continue to meet all my medical needs. I would recommend this office, Dr. Melfi, the nurses, and the office staff to all with these medical issues. Thank you.


Heather oversaw me for the five weeks worth of injections and was amazing. She is kind, compassionate and cheerful. She also has an amazing talent of saying routine questions over and over like it’s the first time she’s ever asked. But above all was the attention she gave to each patient. She listened with kindness and encouragement to all of us complaining about our ailments and offering our medical histories. She makes each patient she comes into contact with feel like they matter. Because to Heather, each of them does.

Leslie K.,

Many thanks to Dr. Melfi and staff. My pain is less now than it was before I had the epidural injection. I am pleased that the procedure does help me and I am feeling better.

Otto P.,

Each session of acupuncture has reduced the numbness in my legs and feet. I gain more feeling with each treatment. It has reduced hip pain. My balance has improved as well. I have more confidence and I am able to resume activities that I haven't been able to do in several months.

Janette V.,

My name is Willis and I started seeing Dr. Melfi for my neck and shoulder injury. My shoulder was so painful that I literally would have to lay my arm across my chest to get out of bed. I was watching the doctors show when they had a specialist talking about how well his patients have recovered from PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections.

I happened to be in Dr. Melfi's office when I read her brochure and noticed that she also performs PRP injections. I talked to Rachel Bossi, PA about this and felt it was something I wanted to try.

My only alternative other than the PRP was surgery for my shoulder. They informed that I had to personally pay for the PRP injection. I had the first injection and felt relief but still had pain in the shoulder. I would highly recommend PRP injections to anyone that has severe pain.

The cost to pay for the injection is well worth the pain relief. I highly recommend Dr. Melfi. The pain relief I have from my shoulder pain from the platelet rich plasma therapy is truly the best treatment I received from any of my joint injuries.

Willis K.,