Many thanks to Dr. Melfi and staff. My pain is less now than it was before I had the epidural injection. I am pleased that the procedure does help me and I am feeling better.

Otto P.,

Each session of acupuncture has reduced the numbness in my legs and feet. I gain more feeling with each treatment. It has reduced hip pain. My balance has improved as well. I have more confidence and I am able to resume activities that I haven't been able to do in several months.

Janette V.,

My name is Willis and I started seeing Dr. Melfi for my neck and shoulder injury. My shoulder was so painful that I literally would have to lay my arm across my chest to get out of bed. I was watching the doctors show when they had a specialist talking about how well his patients have recovered from PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections.

I happened to be in Dr. Melfi's office when I read her brochure and noticed that she also performs PRP injections. I talked to Rachel Bossi, PA about this and felt it was something I wanted to try.

My only alternative other than the PRP was surgery for my shoulder. They informed that I had to personally pay for the PRP injection. I had the first injection and felt relief but still had pain in the shoulder. I would highly recommend PRP injections to anyone that has severe pain.

The cost to pay for the injection is well worth the pain relief. I highly recommend Dr. Melfi. The pain relief I have from my shoulder pain from the platelet rich plasma therapy is truly the best treatment I received from any of my joint injuries.

Willis K.,

Dr. Mefi is amazing.  I never would have thought that it(acupuncture) really works but it has had better than expected results for me.  Simply amazing.


I had a nerve ablation yesterday. It was nearly painless and I feel great today! These are not typical results from what I understand so I am very pleased!!


Many thanks to Dr. Melfi and staff.  My pain is less now than it was before I had the epidural injection.  I am pleased that the procedure does help me and I am better.

Otto P.,

I am 73 years old and have had progressive back problems for several years. My primary doctor described my arthritic back condition as a "mess ". He suggested seeing Dr Melfi with hopes that she could help me deal with the pain through her alternative treatments. I was skeptical but was impressed by her knowledge and first hand experience being a patient for Regenerative Medicine. After a few months of testing and treatments the results have been truly amazing. I walk without a cane and my posture is much more erect. I can sleep in bed and have virtually little to no pain. I really can't believe it. I would highly recommend Dr. Melfi and her caring staff.
Chuck G.

Professional, caring staff knowledgeable in traditional and alternative medicine. I would highly recommend this practice.

Vicki B.,

Since 2005 Dr. Renée Melfi has coordinated an intensive treatment plan for the disabling conditions of my fractured neck sustained during sever domestic violence. I think their accurate diagnoses are only matched by their sincere interest in me and how I am best able to manage chronic pain. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunities they provide for me to learn about my own mind/body connection and how I can build on my capabilities despite my challenges.

Annie T.,

Very punctual and very pleasant. I am a repeat patient and I am back because of a positive outcome several years ago.


Dr. Melfi and all her staff are very caring and treat me as someone special each visit. My back is feeling much better, and I am now here for my neck. Dr. Melfi explained the problem and solutions very clearly.

Isabel C.,

Appts are always on time. Staff goes above and beyond necessity to help your comfort.

Deborah M.,