Renée S. Melfi, M.D.Triple Board Certified:

  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (ABPM&R)
  • Pain Medicine (ABPM&R)
  • Integrative Medicine (ABIMH)
  • Certified in Medical Acupuncture in NY

Regenerative Spine & Musculoskeletal MedicineYour CNY home for:

  • Small office setting
  • Personalized care
  • Non-surgical spine and orthopedic medicine

Renée S. Melfi, M.D.Fellowship trained in:

  • Interventional Spine Injections by world renowned Dr. Charles Aprill
  • Musculoskeletal Medicine

Renée S. Melfi, M.D.Certified Medical Acupuncturist in:

  • Spine Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Muscle Pain

Regenerative Spine & Musculoskeletal MedicineFeaturing:

  • In-office procedure suite
  • C-arm X-ray guided injections
  • Ultrasound guided injections

Regenerative Spine & Musculoskeletal MedicineYour CNY home for:

  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Bone Marrow Stem Cell
  • Prolotherapy

Renée S. Melfi, M.D.Certified in Integrative Medicine:

  • Acupuncture
  • In-house Supplements
  • Nutrition recommendations

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Regenerative Spine & Musculoskeletal Medicine is the choice for diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic joint, muscle, nerve and spine pain disorders.  We specialize in all aspects of musculoskeletal care, including the diagnosis and treatment of spine, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, arthritis, muscle, congenital disorders and work-related injuries.

Regenerative Spine & Musculoskeletal Medicine offers nonsurgical solutions for your musculoskeletal, nerve and spinal issues, with an emphasis on integrative, holistic and regenerative medicine.  Our team provides Central New York families with comprehensive care using innovative medical technology in a timely and expert fashion.

We are also the home of Renaissance Medicine, Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine.

  • Use of image guidance with x-ray or ultrasound to ensure precise needle placement optimizing result.
  • Fellowship training in spine and orthopedic medicine
  • Integration of cutting edge research and holistic medicine
  • Personalized care in a small office setting
  • Insurance companies will not pay for the cost of the Regenerative Treatment.  The cost of your injection can be discussed after your visit once you and the provider decide on the most appropriate treatment option.


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What conditions can benefit from Regenerative Injections?

Regenerative Injection Treatments offer a viable alternative for individuals considering elective orthopedic surgery or joint replacement due to arthritis or injury. Patients experience very little down time and they typically avoid the long, painful rehabilitation periods following surgery.

Since 2014, Regenerative Spine & Musculoskeletal Medicine has provided state-of-the-art Regenerative Cellular Therapies to help patients find relief from pain without invasive surgeries.

Offering Supplements and Nutritional advice:

Dr. Melfi is certified in Integrative Medicine and offers Supplements for inflammation and pain. She has also studied anti-inflammatory diet and can discuss nutritional recommendations.