Spine & Musculoskeletal Treatments

What sets Regenerative Spine & Musculoskeletal Medicine apart from others?

  • Use of image guidance with x-ray or ultrasound to ensure precise needle placement optimizing results.
  • Fellowship training in spine and orthopedic medicine.
  • Integration of cutting edge research and holistic medicine.
  • Personalized care in a small office setting.

As the popularity of RIT grows, other medical professionals are beginning to perform these procedures, with great variation in training and background. Renée S. Melfi, M.D. is a physician specializing in non-surgical spine, orthopedic and musculoskeletal performance and function. With three national board certifications and Fellowship training in interventional spine and musculoskeletal medicine, Dr. Melfi has been performing spine and orthopedic injections since 2002. Dr. Melfi is also certified in Integrative Medicine and Acupuncture, and offers suggestions to enhance your results with recommendations for proper nutrition and supplements.

Your procedure at Regenerative Spine & Musculoskeletal Medicine is carefully chosen based on review of the latest evidence based medicine. Image guidance with x-ray or ultrasound is used, when appropriate, to confirm accurate placement of cellular therapy to optimize your results.

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