PM & R

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

A Physiatrist or Rehabilitation Physician is a physician who has completed a medical residency in the specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R). A Physiatrist is an expert in nerve, muscle, bone and brain conditions. The job of a Rehabilitation Physician is to diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses which affect how you move and function throughout your lifetime. The Physiatric approach to patient care looks at the whole person and not just one symptom or condition. A Physiatrist treats any disability resulting from disease or injury, from sore shoulders to spinal injuries – without surgery.

A Physiatrist will design a treatment plan that can be carried out by the patients themselves or with the help of the rehabilitation physician’s medical team. This medical team might include other physicians and health professionals, such as neurologists, spine surgeons and physical therapists. By providing an appropriate treatment plan, Rehabilitation Physicians help patients stay as active as possible at any age.

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