After 8 months with a different location and 7 visits for a total of 45 minutes of doctor time. 1st visit @ RSM was an hour long, addressing all of my questions, comments, concerns.

Michael S.,

I love Dr. Melfi because she not a fan of pharmaceuticals. She gives us natural options.


My name is Betsy and as a new pt. of Dr. Melfi I would like to thank her and her staff for making me feel so comfortable and at ease during my procedures. This is the first time that I've ever felt this way before. I have had these procedures done at other offices and they were never as well done as they were at Dr. Melfi's MD office.

Betsy W.,

Since 2005 Dr. Renée Melfi and staff have coordinated an intensive treatment plan for the disabling conditions of my fractured neck sustained during severe domestic violence. I think their accurate diagnoses are only matched by their sincere interest in me and how I am best able to manage chronic pain. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunities the provide for me to learn about my own mind/body connection and how I can build on my capabilities despite my challenges.

Terri E.,

The staff was so very helpful in getting me in to see Dr. Melfi along with her compassionate understanding of my need for a Rx for my lidoderm patches even though I had not been here for some time. Even though I need an appointment first, she was so sweet about it all.

Anonymous ,

Dr. Melfi is a very professional, skilled physician with a great bedside manner. I would recommend her to anyone who is suffering from back pain. The lumbar epidural injection was quick and as enjoyable as it could have been. The staff and Dr. Melfi made me feel very comfortable and have exponentially relieved my pain.