Why Choose Medical Grade Skin Care Products?

What sets medical-grade products apart is not necessarily the ingredients used, but the quality and concentrations in which they are found in those products.
Medical-grade skin care contains purer forms of key ingredients at higher, more concentrated levels. For this reason, they are sold through physicians who are trained to evaluate a client’s needs and able to dispense the right product to make changes in their skin.

Sold by skin care specialists:

Another key difference between medical-grade and over-the-counter products is that the latter are meant to be used by the masses.

Over-the-counter products are designed to work for everyone, including those with sensitive skin. For this reason, over the counter, cosmetic companies use lower levels of certain ingredients. While these products may show improved results, they are not the same as medical-grade products.

Medical-grade skin care lines are often recommended by a skin care professional specifically to treat a unique skin concern.

Generally speaking, these medical grade products cannot be stocked in regular stores. Instead, they’re sold at your doctor’s office.


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